Monday, July 25, 2011

Texas Gothic in the Wild

I love it when people send me pictures of my book in the wild, whether it's on a bookstore shelf, their desk, or wherever.  Especially when the picture includes an adorable dog.

@rclementmoore IT IS HERE, IT IS HERE! #papillonnotincluded on Twitpic
(pic from reader @Laurenisaguitar on Twitter)

Here's another one! It's becoming a meme!

(From Kari's IMM post over on A Good Addiction)
It's no secret I love dogs.  Here's one of mine (sans book) to round things out:


  1. so many puppies! if i set my copy of TG by my dogs, it would be destroyed =[ They're 75 pound german shepherds, so maybe once they fall asleep lol.

  2. :D My dog is in a post on your blog, this has made my day!

  3. Lindsay-- lol! I always had big dogs (usually a German Shepherd mix) until I got Lizzie (my chihuahua/papillon) and Penny (the white dog in the middle of the picture) followed. The other two dogs in that picture are my mom's, who round out our pack.

    Lauren--He's so cute, how could I not post that! I probably should have asked first.

  4. Don't worry, it was a real treat to see, I don't mind at all.

  5. That's about five levels of adorable. :D