Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Texas Gothic Review

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I’ve been a little obnoxious about the fact that TEXAS GOTHIC received a starred review in the May 15th edition of Kirkus Reviews. The whole review is online here, but here are the highlights:

You can't get much more Nancy Drew than intrepid Texan heroines uncovering a mystery involving ranchers, Spanish ghosts, vandalized archaeological digs and lumps of gold.

Amy first meets Ben while she's chasing escaped goats and wearing nothing but cherry-spotted undies and rubber boots: an introduction worthy of the best contemporary adult romance.

This engaging mystery has plenty of both paranormal and romance, spiced with loving families and satisfyingly packed with self-sufficient, competent girls. 


You know what this means? Even if everyone else hates this book, at least ONE person (other than my mom) really liked it.



  1. Ugh...this is torture! I want this book to come out already! I mean, its only two months but still... ^_^ I can't wait to read that scene where they meet! Hahahaha how do you come UP with this stuff??!!
    By the way, though I'm sure you're aware of this, hyacinth is a flower! A pretty blue one. I feel pretty cool that I would randomly know that sort of information.

  2. I have an evil brain, that's how. And too much time on my hands to think.

    re: Aunt Hyacinth. Why yes, it is a lovely blue flower. They smell amazing, too. Perfect name for someone with a magic soap company, huh?

  3. You sneaky woman! I love cookies like characters names!

    From the sound of it a LOT of people will love Texas Gothic (I sure can't wait)!

  4. Cherry-spotted undies? Oh, thank goodness! *That* could've turned out rather embarassing ;)

  5. Tipsy-- Well, it's going to be a running theme with the Goodnight clan. You'll see. It's not terribly original, but it is fitting. (She says cryptically.)

    Aliya-- I know, right. There's a funny story about that scene which I'm saving for after it comes out and people have read it. (Again with the cryptic.)

  6. Bet my daughter will love it - she adores everything you write. Sounds like one I'll enjoy as well.