Friday, February 18, 2011

Field Trip Friday

Y'all really need to pop over to my post on Genreality today.  After not being able to think of a blog topic, it ended up being so good (she said, modestly) that I wish I could post it over here.

So click over and read it. You can comment there, or comment over here on the subject of...

What's your Dream Job?  (Aside from writing.)

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  1. I'm so lame I didn't know Google HAD a blog post generator!! AGH! (I'm going to have to look into that...)

    Before I took biology in HS, I thought my dream job was to be a vet. Then came worm dissection and the realization that the education for becoming a vet was going to include a lot worse. Ixnay on the etvay idea. The I went through a personal assistant phase, because I'm really organized and somehow this meant I could help some brilliant, busy, disorganized person (and this is a dream job HOW?). I considered teaching, but backed out of that when I just knew it wasn't for me. I'm now a college advisor.

    I know you said "besides writing," but writing is still that for me - my dream job. I started getting serious about it a few years ago, finally, and hope it won't be a dream forever. :)