Monday, April 12, 2010

Imaginary Ninjas FTW

I'm wiped out from the DFW Writer's Conference this weekend. What a lot of awesomeness. Keynote speaker Jodi Thomas--who is simply one of the neatest people I've ever met--gave a speech that had me nodding and laughing and tearing up.

First, she talked about her drive into Canyon, TX, where she is writer in residence at the university there, and how just seeing a hitchhiker on the road can send her imagination spinning off into all direction, until by the time she reaches the office, she's killed the hitchhiker and buried his body in the foundation of the Walmart construction site.

So true. When I lived out on the ranch, sometimes on the way home from work or the grocery store, I'd miss my exit and be in Refugio before I realized I wasn't really flying a spaceship/on the run from mobsters/racing to save a captured princess from a dungeon...

(I was usually driving home from work at midnight, on an empty highway where I mostly just had to worry about hitting deer.)

What about you? Are you always somewhere else in your head? Do you sit through sermons imagining what would happen if ninjas dropped through the stained glass windows?


  1. I loved that SO much, because I was in total agreement. I am always missing exits and stuff because I'll see something and the mind starts wandering.

    That woman... she was SO timely for me. I owe her more than she will probably EVER know!

  2. I loved her "stacking paper" story. She was/is so full of inspiration. A great speaker, and one that fills me with hope and encouragement for sure. As for driving and imagination ADD, yeah, but only when I'm int he car alone without other distractions.

  3. Oh, that is SO me too. Finally, people who understand when I say that the majority of my time is spent internally rather than externally :) Most people look at my strangely when I tell them I am usually holding conversations between imaginary people in my head when there is nothing else to occupy me.

  4. I loved the stacking paper story, too. I did that for YEARS. I *still* do it with special stories I want to write "someday" when I'm ready.

    Audrey, I know exactly what you mean. I have NO poker face, so even when I'm not talking out loud, I still make faces that go with the internal conversations.

  5. I once had to call my husband and ask directions from where I had ended up to my mother's house!

    I was driving to where she had been living for the past seven years from where I had been living for the past two~so it wasn't like this was a new route!

    I told him the children distracted me because he would have thought I was crazy had I said, "Sorry, I was in the middle of (main character yet to be named) following (insert bad guy here) into the woods undetected. I missed the exit because he turned around at the last moment and caught sight of her red shirt..."