Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Name that band...

Help a writer out...

I need a name for a crossover/alternative country band out of Austin, TX. Their music is along the lines of Reckless Kelly, Mike McClure Band, or Cross Canadian Ragweed. The band's founders are all young, about 21. They started in college (University of Texas) as sort of a country garage band sort of thing, but now they're playing dance halls and bigger bars.

I could just call them the Joe Smith Band (that seems to be the theme with bands of this subgenre), but I thought it would be fun to throw this open for idea from my readers. Heck, I've no name for the front man so you can name him yourself if you want. (I know girls can front country rock bands, but for the purposes of the story, gotta be a guy.)

Any ideas? I'll put the ones I like in a hat and draw one out.


  1. Taking a shot in the dark here:
    Muddy Boots
    Open Roads
    Fields and Tractors
    Runs Like a Deere

  2. LOL! Runs Like a Deere! AWESOME.

    The rest are great, too.

  3. Band names are so tough. I have a rock band in my WIP and I changed the name like six times.

    Here's what comes to mind for yours:
    Blue Coyote
    Hill Country Hicks (or hacks)
    The (insert adjective, funky?) Armadillos
    SoCo (after AUstin's south congress neighborhood)

    Good luck!

  4. Man, I'm getting such great name ideas, I'm going to have to write a whole new book. They're inspiring me beyond this one scene!

  5. The Twang Gang
    Ten Gallon Gauchos
    The Rowdeos
    The Funky Bootstraps

    I'm not sure if any of these are usable, but at least I amused myself.

  6. There's a really good band out of Austin who does folk music. They have a song called Bowling Green Flag Football Team.

    Maybe that can inspire something. Alternatively (as I procrastinate going to bed for work tomorrow):

    Pecan Street Powwow
    Drunken Ho-down
    Hay Baby
    Three Horse Town (as a reference to both Three Doors Down and Three Dog Night)
    Peyote Coyote
    Save our Strings (reference to Save Our Springs, a famous ecological movement here)
    Hippie Kay Yay
    Shoot n Holler
    Bull Creek Think Tank

    I'm going to stop now.

  7. Oh, and here's a list of country bands in Austin. Perhaps this can give some inspiration?