Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fried Brains on Ye Olde Menu

Okay, so I missed yesterday's post. So much for my MWF commitment. (Even if it was just to myself.) Unwell yesterday. Trying to catch up on too much stuff today. So I leave you with this...

fail owned pwned pictures
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Is there something wrong with me that I find this hysterically funny. (Though possibly not in the way it was intended by the wearer.)

Also, I live in Texas, and I have never been to a Renn Faire that wasn't blistering hot and/or humid. There ARE days, I'm told, but Ye Olde Weather Gods must conspire to make it Hot as Ye Olde Helle when I venture to one. When I saw this, my first thought wasn't: what a moron. It was what a moron for wearing WOOL on top of a costume that involves a black helmet that will soak in the sun's rays and fry your brains.

Or, you know. Fry them more.


  1. I have a friend that is always amazed at how soon our Ren Faire season is over.

    "In May?! That's so early! Ours doesn't even start until July!"


    That's when I have to remind her that I'm in Tx and she's in Minnesota. :P

    Vader armor and wool in the summer? All I can think of is a gentle waft of pork rinds frying.

  2. Ugh. Thanks for that olfactory image. Also... heh.

    But I know. Not for nothing are Texas Ren Faires in spring and fall.